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If nothing else, the past three years were the time that most of us got to know our homes better than we ever could have imagined.

And, given how much time we were spending within them, it was only natural that many of us were inspired to get organized. Like, seriously organized. If you’re still not there, maybe it’s because you’re too overwhelmed with options to know where to start. And we get it – there are countless options out there – and honestly, a lot of them look the same. Lucky for you, we’ve tried everything, and we’re ready to report back on what you actually need to get your place in order.

We would be remiss not to start this round-up off with a shout out to The Container Store. The organizational mecca, you can ostensibly find everything you need to organize a home here. For the sake of time and supporting small businesses, though, we’ve listed a few of our favorite TCS options below and mixed in some alternative brand standouts for those who prefer shopping small.

For the Kitchen

OXO Good Grips Cereal Dispensers, $22.99/ea
Whether or not you’re storing cereal in these 10-12” canisters, they’re guaranteed to make your pantry look a little less bulky. From our preferred pasta to our favorite granola, these containers are crucial no matter your food tastes.

OXO Steel Pop Canisters, $11.99-25.99/ea
With pop-top stainless steel lids to help seal for maximum freshness, these OXO containers suit every kitchen need that the taller dispensers cannot. From flour to coffee to crackers and cookies to dried herbs, these dishwasher-safe staples are a true kitchen workhorse.

Marie Kondo Drawer Organizer, $118.97
We couldn’t continue this article for much longer with a mention of Marie Kondo, could we? Something of a trailblazer in the home organization space, Marie’s theory is that you should rid your home of anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” Lucky for us, this drawer organizer certainly does – and better yet, it will help keep the dreaded utensil drawer orderly and accessible.

A Sleek & Modern Bread Basket, CB2, $39.99
Maybe you’re one of those people who spent early quarantine perfecting their sourdough starter (we salute you). Or maybe you only have enough energy to make toast these days. Either way, storing bread in a basket is the best way to retain moisture and freshness. This option from CB2 looks great on a modern countertop and doesn’t take up too much space. If your kitchen decor leans a bit more traditional, lean into their wooden option.

Ceramic Utensil Crock, Food52, $46.50
For the larger utensils that you haven’t Marie Kondo’d into your drawer organizer yet, opt for this gorgeous and minimalist ceramic utensil holder. It will house everything from your whisks to your wooden spoons and look great on the countertop – right next to your bread basket.

Zwilling Ceramic Block, $32.99
For the sake of both safety and sharpness, we would never recommend putting your kitchen knives into a utensil drawer or holder. For our kitchen powerhouses, we always go for a knife block, and this one, which isn’t blade-specific, meaning it can hold knives of all sizes, is the best all-purpose option.

For the Bathroom & Vanity

The Home Edit, iDesign Clarity Large Makeup & Skincare Storage Starter Kit, $91.96
Whether or not you’re currently wearing (or ever wear) makeup, if you’re anything like us, you’re somehow always accumulating new beauty and skincare products and have quite a few floating around that need a home. The best spot for all of those stray deluxe samples and eyeshadows that feel like mementos from parties past? The Home Edit’s storage set. Clear boxes mean you can see exactly what’s inside and the stackable construction means they can fit in the smallest of spaces.

Vintage Style Jewelry Organizer, ZoarJewelry on Etsy, $32.90
There’s nothing worse than tangled necklaces or misplaced earrings. We love that this Etsy shop’s stunning jewelry organizer features hooks at the top – so your necklaces will never get knotted again.

For the Office

HAY Design Trinket Trays, set of 3, $40
We love HAY’s products for being functional and beautiful, while never taking themselves too seriously. These iron mesh trinket trays from HAY design are the perfect catch-all option for your miscellaneous WFH desk items. Place pens, and post-its in the rust-colored oblong and store your scissors and scotch tape in the baby blue round tray – dare we say it might finally make working from home fun again?

For Literally Anywhere

The Home Edit, Whitewashed Rattan Storage Bins with Handles, $21.99-34.99/ea
These rattan storage bins are a neutral in more ways than one – not only does rattan fit stylishly and seamlessly into any style of home, but these storage bins, varying in size, could serve a purpose in any room of a home: from storing remotes (you’ll never lose the Apple TV controller again) in a TV room to sweaters in a closet to toys in a playroom – you won’t regret stocking up.

Hay Design, Color Crate Collection, $7-39/ea
These fun and funky crates are equally suited to households filled with kids (and their stuff) as they are to singletons with whimsical tastes in decor. Seeking an even bolder option? Lean into their luxe bead basket, handmade in Nepal and available both with or without handles.

CB2, Stairway White Wall-Mounted Bookcase, CB2, $261.75
While we must admit that this option pushes the definition of “container,” we wanted to close out this roundup with something for those seriously considering leveling up their space. Think beyond “bookcase” when it comes to this gorgeous unit from CB2 – while you can, of course, use it for books, it could also function as an open-design closet or even a stunning kids toy storage space – the possibilities are endless.

If you lean into any of these options to level up your space, let us know by tagging #casadesuna on social media.

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