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We come from a long line of organized women. And, if we know one thing for sure, it’s that you can’t grow up with an organized pantry and then ever be ok with a messy one again.

(We seriously even organized our college dorm cabinets.) Plus, there’s nothing as satisfying as having your snacks and essentials organized just so. Here are our top tips for keeping that pantry in tip-top shape.

Commit to Clear Containers

Put everything – yes, everything – in clear containers. It may be an investment upfront, but future you will thank you. You’ll spend less money because you’ll always know exactly what you have (and how much you have left). And, you’ll save time digging through to find that quinoa you swore you stocked up on.

Use Shelf Risers

To really maximize your cabinet space, you can add in risers. It’s such a simple – and affordable – addition that makes all of the difference. By elevating just one layer of items (like your jars of sauce), you make room for a whole new layer of dry goods. You can even opt for tiered shelves for things like spices, so you can see everything all together.

Stack Your Snacks

For things like pretzels and peanut butter packets, you can get clear containers that stack on top of one another. There are even containers that let you open from the front for easing grabbing on the go.

Label Everything

No need to go too fancy here. Even a sharpie and some tape will do the trick. Just be sure to label the date you opened the food and the expiration date. This will take you a few seconds per container and save you major confusion down the line.


What should we organize next? Tell us in the comments below! And, share your organized pantries with us @casadesuna.

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