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Whenever fall approaches, we get most excited for two things: one, cozying up inside, and two, our fall wardrobe.

While we love our summer linens and winter jackets, the style and comfort that comes from pulling on your favorite chunky knit is unparalleled. This year, we figured that we’d combine our passion for fall trends with our penchant for staying indoors by pursuing a new hobby: knitting. Previously the reserve of grandmothers, knitting has undoubtedly re-emerged alongside crafting as a millennial hobby. And its benefits go beyond the obvious: aside from the reward of the sweater, scarf, or hat you ultimately complete, there’s also the fact that knitting is an activity which requires full focus – which means no phone, making it almost akin to a meditation. Interested? See below for our most helpful tips.

What You Need

Let’s start with the obvious: yarn. For reference, a “bunch of yarn” is called a skein, so this is what you should be shopping for. Our favorite online brand is we are knitters, a site that includes all kinds of fibers, from pima cotton to mohair to wool. You’ll also need needles – in our opinion, basic wooden ones are best, but feel free to get fancy by investing in some scissors. Once you’ve got the tools, you need a pattern, which is a set of written instructions on how exactly to go about knitting whatever you’ve chosen to tackle. Downtown NYC institution Purl SoHo has tons of options, from this pay-to-use pattern for some adorable colorblock socks to this free one on their fantastic herringbone mittens.


Beyond their products, we are knitters also offers tons of video tutorials starting from the basics and spanning all the way to advanced. Their tutorials section also includes a full dictionary, and, for the extra enthusiastic, the option to host a knitting party.


In our opinion, your inspiration doesn’t have to come from patterns only. Our favorite spots for inspired knitwear are actually clothing brands that specialize in it like Eleven Six and Maison Molli – perfect to motivate you to up your own knit game, or to tide you over sartorially while you wait to complete your project.


No matter where you are in your knitting journey, be sure to tag us with your projects and results on social media using #casadesuna.

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