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Welcome to In the Home, our new series that features some of our favorite tastemakers who tell us a little bit about how they live.

We’re thrilled to kick off this series with an inspiring inaugural guest: Crown Affair founder Dianna Cohen. Cohen got her start at some of the world’s best-known startups (we’re talking Into the Gloss, the content platform that paved the way for Glossier and Away, a company you might see before you know – they’re famous for the ridged, hard-shell suitcases that are now ubiquitous in airports across the globe) before starting her own brand.

Cohen founded Crown Affair in 2020, inspired by both a famous Google Doc she created for a friend detailing her haircare routine and by the power of ritual. The brand has rapidly become a beauty industry darling, and for good reason: their products are not only formulated without harmful chemicals, they also work well and smell fantastic. Crown Affair is more than just a haircare brand, though: it’s a celebration of slowing down and taking care of yourself (in fact, the brand’s tagline, printed on all of their product packaging, is “take your time”). And it’s clear that Cohen lives and breathes her company’s intentional ethos. We knew the moment we started the series that she’d be the perfect fit: because we’d probably all feel a little more peaceful if we committed to living more like her.

Question 01

First, what makes you feel “at home?”

Cohen: Taking time in the morning for a slow, thoughtful ritual makes me feel at home. Finding space for daily journaling, meditation, and reading — no matter where I am in the world — grounds me in the feeling of being home.

Question 02

We heard you just moved – congrats! How have you gone about the process of turning your new house into a place that feels like home?

Cohen: It takes time— being patient with yourself is key in the process. This is the first place [my husband and I have] bought together, so we’re taking our time putting our personal touches on it when it comes to design and construction. There are immediate things you can do though! We changed out all the lighting/bulbs. We swear by Phillips Hue— lighting is so powerful and it’s key to dial it to your mood/vibe. We also always have our favorite candle on tap, The Edition hotel candle. It reminds us of our wedding as we got married there in Miami in 2021. We also started working on custom closets and window dressings to start getting the space to feel more personal and cozy.

Question 03

What’s your favorite part about your home?

Cohen: The view. We bought this place because it’s a panoramic view overlooking Miami. It’s beautiful from sunrise to sunset. It makes you feel like you’re in a painting looking out over the water.

I also really love my home office space— it contains all of the objects and visuals that bring me absolute joy. Original mood boards for the brand, my favorite works of art, crystals, flowers, and sketches. I love that it’s my space to be creative.

Question 04

Do you ever entertain at home? If so, any tips?

Cohen: While I’d love to tap into my inner Allison Roman, I’m not *quite* there on the cooking front— but we do love having friends over for drinks and snacks before heading out for dinner. Like so many people, we got very good at making cocktails at home during the pandemic. My husband makes a killer Gibson martini. We soak the cocktail onions in rosemary for an extra touch. We also always have Ghia on tap to make a Ghia spritz for the evenings when you want the ritual but none of the hangover. We pair cocktails with our favorite trio inspired by our honeymoon in Amalfi: marcona almond, olives, and chips. The best little snacks.

Question 05

What’s your favorite at-home ritual?

Cohen: My favorite rituals at home are my morning rituals. I start the day in the kitchen making coffee, and sit on the balcony to journal and meditate, followed by a bit of stretching while listening to a podcast or poetry via audio. The morning time is quiet, still and I love spending that time doing my rituals at home.

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