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Our home should always be our haven: cozy, organized, clean, happy, and – most importantly – healthy.

With our wellness more top-of-mind now than ever before (thanks, COVID), we’re reinvigorating the spaces we’ve been spending so much time in. So, we wanted to share some of our favorite hacks for keeping your home fresh – without all of the hidden unhealthies.

Double down on the dirty areas

From the kitchen sink to the fridge handles, these high-touch areas are extra germy. Studies show that germs can even live on these surfaces for up to two days. (Gross.) Pro tip: apply a small amount of natural dishwashing soap to a damp microfiber cloth to wipe away any bacteria. Avoid using bleach or other harsh cleaners to keep the chemicals from getting in your food.

Toss the temporary items

Sponges and toothbrushes are bacteria magnets. We’re all about sustainability – so you can extend the life of these temporary items by running them through the dishwasher. But, either way, you should still replace them often.

Smarten up your space

There are plenty of gadgets and apps out there dedicated to detoxifying your home and your products. We love the Think Dirty app. It tells you which personal care products have carcinogens with a quick-and-easy scan or search. And, we swear by the Molekule Air Purifier. Not only does it collect pollutants (like black mold, pollen, bacterial spores, and more), but it also destroys them. Plus, it looks chic and is super quiet.

Reconsider your cookware

Just last year, the FDA confirmed that toxic nonstick cookware chemicals are contaminating our food and water supply. So, we swapped out our pots and pans for healthier, non-toxic alternatives. One of our favorite brands, Caraway, is made with naturally smooth ceramic (not TeflonⓇ.


Ready to detoxify your space? Open your windows, turn on some tunes, and share your healthy home hacks with us at @casadesuna.

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