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Fall is such a wonderful time to host, gather, indulge, and celebrate.

And, there’s no better way to kick off the start of the holidays ahead of Thanksgiving than with a pie-making day. Tell your family that you’re on dessert duty for Thanksgiving and call your girlfriends to come over for a day of decadence.

To host your own...

Tell all of your guests to bring their own pie crusts (made ahead of time) and ingredients. As the host, you just need to supply the counter space, playlist, and of course, the cocktails. While it doesn’t take too much time to actually prepare the pies, it is a party, so you’ll want to pick a weekend day where everyone has the afternoon open.

Since you’re just making the pies (and saving them for Thanksgiving), you should plan some lite bites for your guests. We recommend serving up some mimosas, baked banana bread, apple cider donuts, and more sweets to get you excited for your upcoming dessert. Oh, and you can’t go wrong with one of our favorite fall cocktails.

If you’re a confident baker, you can teach your guests one of your favorite recipes or tell everyone to do their research ahead of time. You can even swap some secret family recipes (it’s a close-knit circle after all). We also love getting inspiration from the Art of Pie. And for the finishing touch? You can even supply your guests with these adorable to-go pie boxes and tags.

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