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A few months ago, our team at Casa de Suna was on a call, brainstorming ideas to share with you all for the holiday season.

We soon found ourselves laughing about our favorite (and very quirky) traditions, discussing our unique backgrounds, and feeling instantly in the holiday spirit.

While Casa de Suna translates to “house of daughters” – and we are founded by our little family unit – we have grown, and our family has expanded. It’s now made up of our team and our readers. And, that’s what truly makes it so special. 

We may be getting a little sappy (it is the holiday season after all), but we truly are grateful for all of you. So, we want to share a bit more about us, and of course, invite you to join in on the conversation.

Anna, Co-Founder

“One of our favorite family traditions during the holidays is to gather around for a fondue night. We start with the classic cheese fondue and serve it with baguettes, charcuterie, gherkin pickles, and onions. But the indulgence doesn’t stop there. After dinner, we have a dessert chocolate fondue that we serve with shortbread cookies and fruit, such as strawberries, bananas, grapes, pineapple, and mandarins. 

Susan, Content Strategist

“My family and I always have a themed dessert competition during the holidays. We’ll start by selecting a panel of three-to-four judges (usually our guests or in-laws who are invited for dinner), and then we select one seasonal ingredient to be the theme of our bake-off. It gets pretty serious, we even have a trophy that gets passed around to the winner!” 

Carolyn, Writer

“It wouldn’t be a family holiday without an endless array of games and entertainment. Each Christmas, we have a full line-up of activities including – but not limited to – a signature cocktail, Twelve Days of Christmas singalong, cousin Yankee swap, and LRC tournament (with scratch tickets instead of the classic chips). 

Since we have a big family, which is always growing with new significant others, we always take a moment to ‘initiate’ our newest guest by throwing them right into the mix. A solo for five-golden rings? Yup. Getting the worst number during the yankee swap? Definitely.” 


We want to know: What are your favorite family holiday traditions? Share with us on social media @casadesuna.

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