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There’s nothing better than a warm aromatic kitchen in autumn. (Especially if that aroma is the sweet smell of sugar melting…)

As soon as the crisp air hits and the chunky knits come out, so do our cookie recipes. We love to make them in big batches to share with neighbors or bring to a Sunday football watch party. But, we even have some cookies that can be enjoyed for breakfast (yes, really).

Read on.

The Breakfast Cookie

Our first favorite? The cookie you can eat first thing in the morning. Ok, ok, it’s not really a cookie in the traditional sense. These Morning Glory Breakfast Cookies are essentially chewy muffin tops without all of the added sugar and refined flours. Confession time: We’re not above dunking them in our morning coffee.

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The Classic

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a classic chocolate chip cookie? (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) While many people opt for the recipe right on the back of the chocolate chip package, we’ve found a five-star (with nearly 20,000 reviews!) recipe that has achieved everything we want in our cookies: crispy edges, soft gooey middles. 

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The Guilt-Free Indulgence

For many of us, fall is a fresh start. Reminiscent of going back to school, it’s always felt like a second new year. And, after a summer of dining alfresco alongside a lot of white wine, it can be a great time to get back into your routine. That’s why we love this Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Cookie. It has all of the flavors of fall (plus fiber), without all of the “bad” stuff. 

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The Leftover-Candy Lover

On November 1st (or 3rd, or even 12th…), we’ve all had to confront the crazy amount of Halloween candy that’s still out in our homes. Whether you overbought for trick-or-treaters or your little ones had a very good year, it never seems to disappear. That’s why we love these Peanut Butter Candy Cookies. You can unwrap all those mini chocolate bars and plop them right in the center of a delicious peanut butter cookie. And, then, you can share them with friends. 

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Here’s a roundup of our favorite cookie-making musts:

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