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Welcome to our first Founder Series!

This month, we’re featuring our fabulous co-founder Anna Porte, who’s generously shared a few of the things she’s been reading, watching, and loving this month.

Let’s talk television. What shows are you loving right now?

My boyfriend and I have been rewatching Game of Thrones! It’s not the most relaxing, but it’s so good–plus, since we’ve watched it before, it’s been fun to find ourselves picking up on things we missed the first time we saw it.

Alright, what about books?

I finally bought into the Colleen Hoover hype, and I’m reading It Ends With Us. Her books definitely suck you in!

I’ve also been hearing so much about the magic of manifestation, so now I’m onto Manifest, by Roxie Nafousi. So far, I’m finding it super interesting–it highlights a lot of the habits we might unknowingly have that can block us from living the lives we want.

Love that–It’s so important to constantly consider the ways we can optimize. On that note, what podcast are you playing right now?

I’m listening to the Huberman Lab episode with Sara Gottfried on How to Optimize Female Hormone Health for Vitality & Longevity. I feel like hormone health is a subject that we need more education on.

Okay, let’s get into products. What are you loving from the shop this month?

Where to begin! We hand-select everything in the shop because we love it and believe in it–and hope you feel the same, so I can honestly recommend everything. But, if I had to narrow it down to my most-used this month, I’ll name these three:

First, my Evermill spice rack. I just repurchased some spice refills, actually. I can’t praise this rack enough–it has changed the way I cook. I keep it on my counter and find myself reaching for so many spices I wouldn’t usually use, because they’re so easily accessible (as opposed to being hidden in a kitchen drawer), and my food is more flavorful, experimental, and delicious as a result. It’s also allowed me an extra drawer where my spices used to be, so my kitchen is more organized. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing–I get tons of compliments.

Second, the floral clippers from The Floral Society have changed my life. They cut through stems like butter! As someone who always loves to have fresh flowers–I highly recommend them.

Finally, Big Sur After Rain from DS&Durga. We’ve been burning this candle on a daily basis. It’s gorgeous but subtle–you can leave it burning for hours without getting overwhelmed by the smell.

You’re an avid cook, so we can’t let you go without talking recipes. What was the last one you made from the site?

I have the lentil soup on rotation during the colder months–and the fried sourdough toast is divine. Let this be your sign to try it if you haven’t yet.

And, as someone who considers myself salmon-obsessed, I have to say, our roasted salmon with harissa yogurt is an absolute favorite. I make it all the time. Try it once, and you will, too.

One last question. Spring is on the horizon! What are you most looking forward to?

Well, I live in Montreal, so I’m definitely looking forward to warmer weather. Also, my family migrates back to this side of the world come spring, so I’m ready for that, too. I have FOMO when they’re in Barbados without me.


If you loved hearing from Anna as much as we did–and if you’re inspired to make some harissa yogurt salmon or rewatch Game of Thrones, let us know by tagging us on social media using #casadesuna!

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