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Ever paged through an interiors magazine or scrolled through Instagrams, only to be stopped in your tracks by a gorgeous, plant-filled room? We know we have.

And then, in a fit of inspiration, and perhaps with a bit too much ambition, went to the store to purchase a number of living, breathing plants for ourselves. And then life happens. We go on vacation, we have a busy day, and find that we’ve forgotten to water it one too many times.

If this situation sounds familiar, do not stress, because, the fact is, a ton of those images you’ve been inspired by all have one secret in common: faux plants.

Yes, you read that right. Faux plants are no longer obvious, shiny, and plastic. They are simply lower-maintenance editions of the real deal. Ahead, five options for some fab & fuss-free alternatives to the plants you know and love.

Faux Monstera

One of the most popular houseplants for its “easy” maintenance, keeping a monstera alive and thriving hasn’t always been easy for us! So, support a small business and opt for this faux version from Etsy. At 5 stems for $25, it’s cheaper than a real one, and will last years longer.

Where to Put it: In your bedroom, so that you wake up every morning astonished at your ability to keep a plant thriving before you realize it’s fake. We won’t say no to a free daily confidence boost! 

How to Pot it: In a classic planter from The Sill, who undoubtedly do them best, filled with rocks or even actual soil that you never have to worry about watering. No one will know the difference.

Hanging Houseplant

We’re almost reluctant to fill you in on the secret of this site, since the faux plants and flowers already sell out quickly as is. But, in the spirit of openness, we’re here to let you know that if you’re looking to expand even further beyond what we’ve recommended here, Afloral is the one-stop-shop for all of your faux plant, flower, and pampas grass needs. 

Where to Put it: On your kitchen wall, or even in the bathroom. We’re not partial to hanging plants in the living room, but they look fantastic when properly placed.   

How to Pot it: In a wall planter from the Afloral site – when working with hanging or wall plants, it’s always best to shop plant and planter from the same spot; you’ll have an easier time ensuring everything is perfectly proportioned.

Faux Begonia Leaves

Another one of our Afloral favorites, these faux Begonia leaves are the most traditional option for replacing real plants. Their purple tinge, texture, and surface area make it almost impossible to believe they’re not the real thing.

Where to Put it: We envision this in a bedroom on top of a gorgeous bureau or in an office or study as an accent to a bookshelf. 

How to Pot it: Since you’re going the classic route, keep things traditional when it comes to the planter, but feel free to add a fun twist – we love something like this take on the traditional terracotta.

Pampas Grass 

While it’s not necessarily a “faux plant,” those thinking outside of the traditional houseplant box will be thrilled at the recent explosion of pampas grass into the home decor space. An effortless option for adding a touch of sophistication to any room in your house (yes, these would even work on a side table in the bathroom).

The bathroom honestly is the chicest place to put pampas grass, and take what is traditionally the least glamorous room in the house to the next level. Cultivate a warm, grounding atmosphere by placing the pampas next to the sink and replacing your bath mat with this pure bamboo option and diffusing essential oils from Vitruvi’s terracotta diffuser (a home essential we love so much, you may have already seen it recommended a few times on this site). 

How to Pot it: Maintain the grounding minimalism by keeping it simple in our Brisa Oval Vase.

Faux Sunflowers

We know, sunflowers aren’t technically *a plant*, but since we’ve let you in on the Afloral secret, we figure that, at this point, you’re likely covered in plants. Looking for even more gorgeous, long-lasting florals, where to decorate with or to gift? These sunflowers are timeless, and feel like a fresher and more versatile addition to any home than a giant box of colored roses (if you know, you know).  

Where to Put it: Nothing brightens up coming home like some sunflowers in the foyer. Keep them in your front hall or, if that’s an aesthetic mismatch, your bedroom.  

How to Pot it: Opt for a fun, quirky vase like this one from Crate & Barrel

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