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The month of June means a few things: summer is in the air, school is out, and beach days are on the horizon.

But we’d be remiss not to mention one of the best parts of the month: Father’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating your father, a father figure, or even a friend who is a new father, it’s the best time to show some love to the dads in your life. Read on for our recommendations on how to celebrate the holiday in the most special way yet.

For the Active Father: City Stroll, Country Hike, or Watersports Day

There’s no reason your Father’s Day gift has to break the bank. In fact, quality time (perhaps accompanied by a thoughtful card) is one of the most meaningful ways to spend the day. If you are in a city, opt for a long walk to the nearest museum to take in some local art. Many museums operate on “pay what you can” models, so you likely won’t spend a thing. If you are lucky enough to live in or near the great outdoors, your options are even more limitless. Those in the mountains can visit TrailLink to find a hiking trail near you for getting some celebratory steps in with a view. If the father figure in your life is more of a watersports man, then treat them to a fun kayak trip or an afternoon sail. It won’t set you back, but they’ll talk about it forever.

For the Competitive Dad: Game Night

For the fathers whose preferences don’t lean towards art and activities, tap into another potential passion: games. Add an element of surprise into the mix by telling your dad you’d like to host him for dinner in celebration of the big day. Surprise him by setting up a cards table – if he’s a card shark, go all out and make it a poker game, but if he’s not, board games like Scattegories and Taboo are equally entertaining. For the fathers who prefer spectating to participating, create the same setup, but center it around a screening of his favorite sports game or sports movie. Best served with nachos and an ice-cold beer!

For the Sophisticate: Barware & Backgammon

An experiential treat is all well and good, but there are, of course, many of us who won’t be able to spend quality time with the father figures in our lives, whether due to physical proximity, scheduling constraints, or something else, and for them there are gifts. Lucky for you, our shop features a curated selection of some of the finest Father’s Day luxuries. Our top pick? This one goes out to the sophisticates; the dads that drink Japanese whisky and smoke Cuban cigars, love vintage cars, and maybe even own them. Make his day with the Aurosi Backgammon Set, a gorgeous wood-grained lacquer board he won’t be able to resist. Pair with our Caskata Optic Tumblers for the ultimate evening in.


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