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Formerly the provenance of only the most dialed-in of climate crusaders, in recent years, eco-friendly lifestyles have become the rule and not the exception.

While we love this (who doesn’t want a healthier, happier planet?), we’re the first to admit that making sustainable swaps can often feel a bit daunting. The good news: a number of disruptive brands have entered the market- to make the transition from old-school to environment forward easier than ever before.

Soma Water Pitcher, $29

Our first eco-friendly kitchen swap is the simplest; and arguably the most impactful. A water filter. We see it all too often when opening friends’ fridges: row upon row of ice cold Poland Spring bottles filling up an entire shelf. Enter SOMA. SOMA is a sustainable and charitable brand – with proceeds from every purchase going towards charity: water and the brand offsetting carbon emissions from each purchase–that also happens to look stunning in the fridge or on the countertop. Make this your first swap, and we promise it will inspire the rest of them.

Reusable Bags ($8-30) & Food Hugger Set, $28

Once you’ve swapped your plastic water bottles for a sleek SOMA pitcher, let’s talk about Tupperware. Not only do our W&P silicone bags come in a shape for every possible situation, they’re also available in a variety of vibrant colors, and take up far less space than traditional Tupperware. Looking to store a meal you just had? Instead of pulling out a Ziploc, opt for a food hugger; perfect for everything from covering an entire bowl of vegetables to keeping half an avocado or red onion fresh.

Blueland Cleaning Essentials, $39

Cleaning products are likely the last thing you thought you could swap out for a chemical-free option. Some people are hesitant to make the switch, convinced there’s no way a non-toxic cleaner could work. Those people aren’t familiar with Blueland. The clean essentials kit features three classic cleaners: multi-surface, bathroom, and glass + mirror, alongside a refillable hand soap. Products are packaged in gorgeous, color-coded glass bottles; each comes with an accompanying tablet that you simply drop into the corresponding bottles with a bit of warm water–et voila, you’ve sustainably swapped your Windex for something that works just as well. Added bonus: Blueland stocks laundry detergent, dishwasher tabs, and dish powder, too. Consider all of your kitchen cleaning needs taken care of.

NoTox Life Dish Block, $8.98

Those not quite used to the dish powder process need look no further than NoTox Life for an eco-friendly cleaning solution: the vegan dish block. This block of concentrated dish soap is both dye-free and fragrance-free, two things that conventional dish soap most certainly are not. The block is powerful enough to cut through grease and stains on all your dishes (pots and pans included), and compact and nondescript enough to leave out on a chic soap dish by the sink.

CSA Farm Boxes, Prices Vary

The foundation of a sustainable lifestyle is with the produce you purchase; which we always recommend doing locally. LA locals should try the stunning and vibrant Flamingo Estate Farmboxes, while New Yorkers need look no further than Natoora. Those based somewhere in the nation with less access to farm-fresh food can opt for a delivery option like Daily Harvest.

FILT French Market Tote, $20

For all the groceries that cannot be delivered from a farm to your door, there’s FILT. Hardly anyone is using plastic bags anymore, but this traditional French market tote is our personal favorite spin on the reusable. Just as chic for a lunch date as it is for a Farmer’s Market visit.


Inspired to make some eco friendly-swaps? Be sure to tag your sustainable snapshots with #casadesuna on social media.

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