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Have you ever looked at your closet and realized you wear the same few pieces on repeat? (Been. There.)

That is the ultimate sign it’s time for a closet cleanout. And, there’s no better time to go full Marie Kondo on your wardrobe than January. We love doubling down on our resolutions by selling our clothes online. Not only does this help us make money (and justify that forever bag we’ve been eyeing), but it is also a more sustainable alternative than accumulating endless clothes in your attic. 

We’ve rounded up our favorite online destinations to sell your pre-loved pieces. 


Best for a little extra cash and a lot of conveniences

If you’re new to selling your clothes online, we couldn’t recommend ThredUp more. It’s seriously beyond easy. Once you create an account with ThredUp, they send you a “Clean Out Kit,” which is essentially a BIG empty bag with a pre-paid shipping label. All you have to do is fill it up and send it back to them via USPS. 

Because it’s so crazy convenient, you as the seller, take a lower cut of the profits. Depending on the resale price, seasonality, and condition, you could end up with 5% to 80% of the sale price back in your pockets. 

ThredUp’s big selling point is big inventory. They list up to 5,000 items per day. You’ll find that your items take longer than other sites to get listed and sell. But, on the plus side, they’re really not picky about what they take. You can sell Zara and Zimmermann pieces alike.  

Our favorite part about ThredUp is that if your pieces don’t sell, they will either donate them for you or send them back to you. 

The Real Real 

Best for luxury and designer goods

The Real Real is where you go to sell your really nice things. That Stella McCartney bag you don’t use enough. The designer dress you bought for your friend’s wedding. Those stiletto boots that gave you blisters.  

They are considered the leader in luxury consignment. And, they’re the only secondhand company that authenticates every single item that they sell. (Because of this, we often use our earnings to invest in new pieces.) 

In addition to clothing, shoes, and accessories, The Real Real also accepts fine jewelry, home decor, and fine art. Because they have a full team to review your pieces, they also price and photograph everything for you. You’ll find that high-quality items sell quickly, sometimes even within three days. 

They also make it crazy easy for you to sell your pre-loved pieces. In some Metropolitain areas, they’ll even send someone right to your front door to pick it up. Or, you can just send it via UPS with a pre-paid label. 

The commission is based on a sliding scale, so the more you sell, the more you earn. But, as you continue to sell with them, you could end up keeping up to 85% of the profits.


Best for the next generation of fashion.

Depop is a community-powered marketplace that is beloved by Gen Z. But, it’s accessible to all ages. The interface feels super familiar; it’s a lot like Instagram. As a user, you’ll have a profile page with a grid of photos of your listings (complete with clickable hashtags). There’s even a newsfeed and an explore page.

As a seller, you’ll have to photograph, price, and list your pieces. And since you’ll do a lot of the heavy lifting, you’ll get to keep 90% of the sale. 

We love Depop because you can share your closet with your friends and followers. People who know and love your style can invest in your pre-loved pieces. Like other social sites, if you have a large following, you will likely see large sales. (But it’s not a requirement for success.) 

Since Depop is driven by individuals, you’ll likely be able to sell more unique pieces, like that vintage jacket you bought on your travels.


We want to know: what are your favorite online sites to sell your pre-loved pieces? Share with on Instagram @casadesuna.

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