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Though Halloween doesn’t necessarily hold the same allure now as it did to us when we were twelve year-old trick-or-treaters, there’s something about the time of year that always gets us in the spirit.

It’s the precursor to the holiday season, and it happens during a time when the weather is perfectly crisp and cool, but not too cold. As tweens, perfect for trick-or-treating. As adults? We love a Halloween-themed dinner party. Below, read on for a few tips on how to create a thematic atmosphere that doesn’t feel cheesy.

The Decor

As much as we love the houses that go all-out on Halloween, we prefer to take a more refined tack. We keep things simple by layering six pumpkins–two small, two medium, and two large, on each side of the door, and swapping out our usual doormat for a cheeky seasonal one (just promise not to be that person who leaves it up until January). A few nights before Halloween, we stock up on our favorite candies and leave them outside the front door in a bowl like this. Because while we’re not trick-or-treating anymore, we’re not here to ruin the fun of anyone who is. 

One fun hack? If you want to level up your pumpkins, but aren’t into the mess that comes with carving, why not try painting them? Don’t worry if your painting prowess is limited, stencils like these take all of the guesswork out of the process. 

The Dinner

Now that we’ve imbued your space with Halloween cheer, it’s time to plan the dinner party. Throwing a dinner party around a holiday is always a thin line: you don’t want it to be too camp, but also need to ensure that there are enough nods to the holiday to make it clear you’re paying homage.

Our favorite chic nod to the notoriously spooky holiday is a candelabra at the center of the table. Feel free to get extra funky with this, or even to splurge on one you can use year round. If you’re doing this, keep your tablecloth simple–a classic white will do. Same goes for the placemats, we’d keep these neutral or, if you’re feeling extra spirited, burnt orange. Have fun with the accessories and serveware by picking up themed products, from place cards to bowls to the spoons. Thematic, but also chic enough that you can use them more subtly year round. Food-wise, be sure to coat your stomachs with something warm and healthy, like this mushroom soup, so you’ve got something in your system before you inevitably reach for the candy in the bowl at the front door.


Just like we promised — all treats, no tricks. Happy Halloween! Be sure to tag us with your Halloween dinner party plans using #casadesuna on social.

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