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If you’ve been reading Casa de Suna for a while, you’ll know that we’re huge advocates of wellness.

And while we share wellness recommendations in lots of the articles on our site, in honor of the gifting season, we wanted to share five of our faves.

For the wellness newbie: Bala Bangles

Viral on social media since 2020, bala bangles have quickly become our go-to for enhancing any workout we do. We like the 2LB for extra impact–bonus points that they come in this gorgeous sage color.

For the fashionably active: Set Active one-shoulder bra & leggings

You’ve probably seen SET Active on social media and, trust us, the hype is worth it. These leggings are soft but perfectly form-fitting, and the one-shoulder cut of the sports bra lends an element of chic to whatever workout you do. Bonus points if you gift the set in conjunction with a subscription to an online workout class.

For the spiritually inclined: Yasmine Cheyenne coaching

We love coach and self-healing educator Yasmine Cheyenne’s podcast The Sugar Jar and her social media posts consistently hit home, too. Gift someone you care about a session and we promise they’ll enter the new year feeling like the most peaceful version of themselves.

For the new mama: The Sculpt Society Postnatal Program

We loved fitness influencer and Sculpt Society founder Megan Roup before she had her adorable daughter, Harper, but the candid way in which she shared her pregnancy experience on social media made us love her even more. We also love that she used said experience to create a new mama-specific Sculpt Society program, to help women through the often difficult experience of getting back into exercise postpartum.

The life-changing splurge: Transcendental Meditation Course

Transcendental meditation courses generally cost around $1,000, but it’s the only way to properly learn the ancient technique, and it comes with free “tune-ups” for life afterwards. Many people swear by the TM practice of meditating with a mantra for 20 minutes, twice a day, and if you care about someone in search of a major life shift, this might be the gift that does it.

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