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It can be hard to track down the perfect gift for someone who’s always on the go, especially given that our favorite travelers are constantly collecting beautiful trinkets from around the world.

With that said, there are certainly a few things we love gifting our friends with wanderlust so that they think of us wherever they go on. Read on for our favorite gifts.

For the European jetsetter

Physical: Boheme Fragrances Istanbul Candle
We love all of the candles from Boheme Fragrances’ Wanderlust Line, the rose, cardamom, and cassis that wafts from the cardamom scent is one of our favorite fragrances out there. Plus, the descriptions on the back of the box are beautiful and evocative odes to exploring uncharted territories.

Experiential: A reservation at Ida Restaurant in London
If you have a friend headed to London, surprise them by making a reservation for them at Ida (rumored to be Meghan and Harry’s personal favorite restaurant in the city) at the table by the window. It’s a family-owned spot that’s still one of London’s best-kept secrets. They won’t be able to stop talking about it for months.

For the spiritual seeker

Physical: Cosmoss Sacred Mist
Whether your spiritual soulmate is at a retreat in Costa Rica or learning yoga asanas in India, they’re sure to appreciate a mist that Cosmoss founder Kate Moss describes as “mood-boosting, sensual, [and] blissful.” With notes of orange flower, bergamot, jasmine, tuberose, and geranium, they can spray the mist on their pillow or themselves to feel grounded and peaceful no matter where in the world they are.

Experiential: Astrogeography with Dara Dubinet
We all have one of those friends that love moving around, and won’t stop until they’ve found a place they feel deeply connected to. Gifting them a session with Dara Dubinet, an astrological geographer who reads people’s charts to help them determine where in the world they can thrive may help them find their happy place once and for all.

For the culinary adventurer

Physical: In Bibi’s Kitchen: The Recipes and Stories of Grandmothers from the Eight African Countries that Touch the Indian Ocean by Hawa Hassan and Julia Turshen
There will inevitably be times of year when even your favorite traveling foodie can’t take a trip abroad. Sate their geographical curiosity by giving them this cookbook, which features warming and delicious recipes from East African grandmothers.

Experiential: Truffle hunting in the Chianti Hills
Truffle hunting at a private winery in the hills of Tuscany might sound too good to be true, but it’s an AirBnB experience with a 5-star rating and the reasonable price of $147 per adult and $98 for children under $12. Plus, when they’re done, they’ll be right by Florence for even more culinary delights. Dinner at Il Latini or La Giostra, anyone?

For the outdoor adventurer

Physical: Patagonia Maintain Momentum Men’s Tee
When it comes to our outdoorsy friends, it hardly gets more iconic than Patagonia. They likely already own the classic fleece, so why not opt for a funky graphic tee from the brand?

Experiential: Ikon Pass
When it comes to outdoor sports fans, it hardly gets better than the Ikon Pass, a pass that allows skiers and snowboarders to ski multiple mountains all season on just one pass.


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