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Here at Casa de Suna, we consider ourselves quite creative–especially Coco, as a lifelong art enthusiast–and there’s nothing better than when someone gives us something that helps us tap into our creative nature.

Here are a few of our favorite picks.

Watercolor Set

There are few things more therapeutic than painting and giving a loved one a watercolor set alongside a few canvases and perhaps a useful book like Light & Shade in Watercolor will provide them with the perfect way to pass the time during those quiet days between Christmas and New Year’s.

A Stream of Dreams

There are two types of people in the world: those who remember–and love sharing–their dreams, and those who don’t. As much as we love hearing about what goes on in the depths of our dear friends’ subconscious minds, we figure leaving the decoding to a professional will probably yield more fruitful results. This book was written by a dream decoder and it’s made for modern times–which means it includes meditations on how tech and mobile phone usage affect our dreams, too. Fascinating.

Leica Film Camera

We love seeing the world the way other creatives do–and gifting them with film cameras is one of the easiest ways to do that. While a Leica is an investment (we recommend heading to a local film store to speak with an expert about which model is the best option for your giftee), it’s one they’ll cherish forever.

The Artist’s Way

Have a friend that complains about writer’s block? Gift them iconic workbook The Artist’s Way and they’ll come back to you in 12 weeks a completely changed person. With over four million copies sold and legions of fans who return to the practice again and again, this is one of those inexpensive gifts that pays lifelong dividends.

For Restless Sleepers Dione Jacket

Almost every creative we know loves expressing themself by whatever means possible-and often times, that extends to fashion. While this fabulous jacket from UK-based brand For Restless Sleepers is certainly a splurge, it’s fabulous enough to feel entirely worth it.


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