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What do you get for the giftee who has everything?

For the person who, year after year, insists they “don’t want anything,” even though you know full well it’s not the truth? For years, we didn’t have an answer. But this year, all you need to do is consult our gift guide, and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Crumple Cappuccino Cups, Set of 4

Ninety percent of adults consume caffeine daily. Yes, you heard that right. So when it comes to a gift for just about anyone, we think cappuccino cups (even if used for matcha or tea) are the perfect option. Bonus points for the surrealist crumpled aesthetic of iconic French brand REVOL’s version–because what’s better than enjoying your morning caffeine hit with a side of whimsy?


Ordinary Habit 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Is there anything more universally satisfying than whiling away a lazy afternoon completing a difficult puzzle? Yes, there is–a difficult puzzle that, when complete, is so beautiful it could double as art. We stock lots of Ordinary Habit puzzles in our shop, and they’re all excellent choices, but the 1,000 piece feels like an especially rewarding treat for a long winter day.


Six Seasons Cookbook

We’re all about eating seasonally, and this simple 225-recipe cookbook makes it just about as simple as possible. Whether you need a gift for someone who’s passionate about sustainability, plant-based, aiming to dine out less (plus, shopping seasonally and locally is the least expensive way to eat) or simply looking to eat healthier, this cookbook is the ideal gift for almost everyone on your list.


Jumbo Time Wines 8-Pack

Wines from Jumbo Time, a Los Angeles-based organically grown (and usually dry-farmed and biodynamic) winemaker, are a sensory experience that go beyond the typical wine tasting. While we love the idea of gifting a wine club, it’s always best to make sure that your recipient likes the brand before you go all in, which is why we think gifting an 8-pack of Lil’ Jumbos (each bottle is 2 glasses) is the perfect place to start. Whether they enjoy them over a couple of weeks or months or serve them all at once at a dinner party, they’re a delicious gift for those who love natural wine, and those who still need to be convinced. Cheers to that.


Hawkins New York Aurora Sphere Vase

How many times have you brought someone flowers, only to find them frantically searching their cupboards for a vase? In our case–more often than we’d care to admit. That’s why we love the idea of gifting the large aurora sphere vase from Hawkins New York alongside its small, bud vase counterpart, so they never find themselves dealing with that awkward conundrum again. Bonus points if you include flowers.


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