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Exciting news!

We’re introducing an Editor’s Picks series, where we share our favorite finds from our site and beyond. First up: items under $100. Let’s get straight into it, because you’re going to need some time to shop.

Carola Fra i Trulli Trullo Ceramic Candle & Holder

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. This candle makes the perfect gift (and that includes gifts-to-self). We love this smoky oak wood scent that evokes the Italian countryside’s cooler weather.

Melbourne Made Organics Body Oil

This body oil smells and looks so good that you’ll have zero trouble staying hydrated all season long.

DS&Durga Auto Fragrance Set

Summer may mean we’re constantly on-the-go, but there’s no reason not to bring our favorite scents along with us. We’re obsessed with the portability of DS&Durga’s road trip hits set of auto-fragrances–and love packing them in our suitcases to bring our favorite familiar scents along no matter where our travels take us.

Flore Flore White Car T-shirt

We love the neckline on Flore Flore’s perfect white tees. The type of seasonless staple you stock up on and wear all year round.

The Floral Society Fancy Ribbed Pillar Candle

Hosting outdoors this summer? Our Floral Society pillar candles are the ideal complement to every type of tablescape, from rustic to ornate. Bonus points if you pop them on top of their gorgeous ceramic plates.

Saie Super Glowy Gel

Saie’s super glowy gel gives your face a stunning “I woke up like this” sheen. It’s all you need to run out the door feeling prepped and pretty.

Il Buco Pitcher

Looking for a unique way to arrange flowers–or a gorgeous vessel for storing and pouring summertime cocktails? We’re obsessed with our splatterware pitcher. Anna uses it for her farmer’s market floral finds, but we’d also serve our pitcher Palomas in this at a dinner party.

Aritzia Sweatpants

If you’re anything like us, summer means you’re pretty much always on-the-go. But during those rare moments when you do get to relax at home, why not get as comfortable as possible? These Aritzia sweatpants are the best of the best–and bonus points that you can still wear them on Zoom calls with a fabulous top and no one will ever know.

Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller

Come summer, there’s literally nothing better than a product specifically designed to cool you down–and this ice roller is as good as it gets. Before you balk at the price tag, just trust us: the aluminum means it stays colder way longer than your plastic Amazon purchase.

The Floral Society Floral Clippers

If you’ve got a garden that’s showing off a summer bounty or are simply inspired to stock up on your blooms this season, we don’t blame you–and believe us when we say that the best way to keep them looking as pretty as possible is by making sure they’re perfectly cut.


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