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Here at Casa de Suna, we’re passionate about helping you stock your home with everything you need to elevate your everyday life–and if you haven’t browsed our shop, you’re in for a treat.

But when it comes to the kitchen, there are a few utilitarian tools that we highly recommend for supplementing your setup. Below, read on for our favorite tools to help amp up your cooking game.


Though this may seem like an obvious choice, tongs are the type of kitchen item that many people go without. But once you have them, you’ll never look back. They’re the perfect piece for tossing, flipping, and handling anything and everything you cook on the stove–while also being a mess-free way to transfer items from food to plate. Opt for a compact, dishwasher-safe pair.


If you’ve ever found yourself craving a chopped salad in the comfort of your own home, investing in a mezzaluna is about to become your kitchen hero. Double-handled for ease of use, with a blade shaped like a half-moon (or, mezzaluna, in Italian), all you need to do is use a rhythmic, rocking motion to chop salad ingredients–everything from greens to nuts to figs–into an even mince. All the results of a food processor, but at a fraction of the price, easier to clean, and a joy to use.

A Knife Sharpener

We always recommend investing in a high-quality set of knives for the sake of precision and prep time in the kitchen, but many people simply make the purchase without paying any mind to the maintenance. We’re here to tell you: you do need to sharpen your knives, at least once or twice a year. One of our favorite brands, Material, makes it easy with their sharpener, which is handheld, simple-to-use, and will keep your knives chopping at a high-quality clip for years.

Herb Shears

Nothing adds depth of flavor to a recipe like a handful of fresh herbs, but sometimes cutting and shredding can feel tedious and messy. Herb shears change all of that. Our favorite pair is designed with five, food-grade blades made from stainless steel. Multiple blades means cutting through multiple herbs at once, and the ergonomic no-slip handle reduces the risk of kitchen injury.

A Milk Frother

We know making your morning coffee doesn’t qualify as “cooking,” but hear us out: a milk frother is going to bring you barista-quality cappuccinos (and much more) in the comfort of your own home. Our preferred option comes with multiple settings for frothing and steaming, so whether you’re simply looking to warm some milk for an afternoon tea or create a luxe cold foam for an early-morning iced latte, all you need to do is push a button. And if you’ve got little ones at home–or are simply craving a sugar rush–why not use it to create an elevated hot chocolate? So many possibilities.


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