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The women in our family have been using clean products before it was … well, cool.

Our family is always all about making our products multi-task. And, in this case, that starts in the kitchen. You may be surprised to find that your pantry is chock full of beauty essentials that are natural and nourishing. Think avocado, honey, and green tea, and so much more.

It turns out, we have this in common with Ada Hsieh, founder of Ada Lip Beauty. When Ada was first starting the research and development for her products, she basically started by shopping at the grocery store. Here are some of her favorites:

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory products. It’s a great at-home treatment for acne, aging, and oily skin. Ada says, “you can use the tea bags for under eye concerns (coloration and puffiness).” To do so, steep two green tea bags to drink, squeeze the bags to remove excess liquid, place the bags in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, and then use the bags on closed eyes for up to 30 minutes.

Coconut Oil

This kitchen staple has multiple benefits for skin, teeth, hair, and nails. It’s moisturizing and antimicrobial–and can help treat acne. It also attacks harmful bacteria in the mouth. Some say coconut oil can also add moisture to dry strands and strengthen your cuticles.

And More Oils

Speaking of oils, Ada says, “Olive, avocado, and grape seed oils are all great moisturizers for skin and hair masks.” Here at Casa de Suna, we love avocado oil because it helps skin stay hydrated while also minimizing damage from free radicals.

Fruit Pits

Here’s one you may not have thought of before: fruit pits. Ada’s pro tip? “Put fruit pits in a blend and grind them up. Then, mix them with oil and you have yourself a great body exfoliator.” *Instantly adds apricots and peaches to this week’s grocery list.*


Meet your new dry shampoo. If you don’t have cornstarch in your cupboards, you can also use arrowroot powder. This quick-and-easy solution is much more affordable than buying brand-name dry shampoo and it’s free of chemicals. Plus, these oil-absorbing powders work wonders on second- or third-day hair.


We want to know: what are your favorite pantry beauty products? Share with us on Instagram @casadesuna.


About Ada Hsieh

Ada Hsieh (Ay-duh Shay) is the Founder & CEO of Ada Lip Beauty. She worked at a trading desk at a hedge fund in New York City, building the bulk of her career in this industry… but then, she discovered a greater power. The power of makeup. Makeup made Ada feel calm as she forayed into special effects makeup and found a greater artistic purpose. Ada Lip Beauty is lip color and care thoughtfully created to keep the integrity of the ingredients. Their lipsticks are plant-based and 100% naturally derived pigmented with vegetables.

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