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We all know wellness enthusiasts, no matter how it manifests: fitness fiend, sustainably stylish, meditation & matcha acolyte, and many more.

This year, we’ve curated a list of gifts designed to please them all, no matter what category of wellness warrior they claim. Read on for our faves and we promise you’ll be reporting back with stories of satisfied giftees when the holiday season has come and gone. 

Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Bathrobe

For the spa-forward friends and family in your life, a bathrobe is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Don’t worry if you think your giftee might already own one–they probably do, but this ultra plush, luxurious option will replace whatever they’re already working with in seconds.

VISP Elixir Mixer

Know someone that loves a post-workout protein shake, or simply can’t travel without their Pique matcha? That’s where the VISP elixir mixer comes in as the ultimate gifting hero. It’s a sleek and sustainable glass water bottle that comes with a built-in, high-powered electric whisk (no batteries required–simply charge with a USB), for perfectly-blended healthy beverages no matter where you are.

Salt Marsh Rose Candle

Everyone loves a candle, and D.S. & Durga’s intentional blends are particularly perfect for the wellness lover in your life. This scent, Salt Marsh Rose, is inspired by New England, and the peppery, fragrant scents of wild rose will waft a soothing atmosphere through any home.

Ordinary Habit Patchwork of Happiness Puzzle

If you know someone that loves meditative habits (or could use a gentle nudge towards them), gifting an Ordinary Habit puzzle is your best bet. Designed by artists, they’re gorgeous enough to double as decor. This 500-piece puzzle will keep even the most distractible giftee occupied for hours–how could you not want to see the finished product?

HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket

We couldn’t leave you without a couple big-ticket items, could we? This HigherDose infrared sauna blanket brings the sauna experience to you (just plug it in and zip yourself up) seems like an ultra-luxe option, but when you factor in the typical cost of a sauna session ($65+), it doesn’t even take a dozen sessions for it to pay for itself. And we haven’t even mentioned the purported benefits: from a clearer mind to glowing skin.

LARQ Pitcher PureVis

We know a water pitcher doesn’t sound like the most alluring gift but trust us when we say our hydration levels have increased tenfold since introducing this into our life. It’s an ultra-high-tech water pitcher that goes the extra mile in terms of filtration–for results you can truly taste. Every sip of water that’s run through a LARQ tastes like it’s been bottled at the source in Italy. This is a life-changing gift for the sustainable special someone in your life who eschews plastic bottles or the sophisticate that “only likes the taste of mineral water.” You really can’t go wrong.

Want more CDS gift picks? We’ll be sharing them all month! Stay tuned.

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