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There are countless ways to set a table, but our simple yet stylish weeknight formula never fails.

While it can be tough to motivate yourself to set a beautiful table on a weeknight, take our word for it: it’s one of those things that gives us something to look forward to while we’re working our way through our inbox, and helps us unwind more easily after a long workday. And we’re not talking about a particularly complicated setup here. You just need a few simple, chic products to make your table sing.

Read on for our guide to getting your table ready for anything–in no time at all.

Step 1: yes, buy yourself the flowers

Buying yourself flowers has become such a popular (and effective) self-love technique that there have been entire books written about it. It also just so happens to be one of the easiest ways to freshen up a space. We love anemones in winter, pink tulips in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, and lilies in the fall–but there’s no wrong way to buy yourself flowers–just pick out whatever speaks to you! You don’t need a ton, but you do need a good vessel to store them in. That’s where our ceramic bud vases from The Floral Society come in handy! Buy a few in both the tall and short varieties and arrange them down the center of your table. The alternating heights will add a unique element to an otherwise subtle setup.

Step 2: Set the mood

After the end of a long weekday, it’s essential to set the ambiance. One of our favorite ways to do it: taper candles. We’re obsessed with The Floral Society’s colored tapers – which come in moss green, petal pink, earthy clay, and simple parchment. Buy a pack of each color and mix and match. And if you don’t have a vessel, pick up a few of their wide ceramic taper holders, which are available in parchment white, inky black, and a gorgeous, reddish clay.

And that’s all you need to do for a perfect table! But those aren’t the only pieces from The Floral Society worth adding to cart. From their unique ceramic flower frog for whatever buds or dried flowers you bring home to their large ceramic vases, there’s so much more to love. But our favorite thing about them is that they also have a number of products focused on floral care: from a gorgeous ceramic watering can to floral scissors to an apron to throw on while you’re perfecting all of your arrangements. Some say taking care of others is the best form of self-care–and in our opinion, the same goes for beautiful blooms.


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