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We love filling our vases with fresh florals. But, we recently learned that buying flowers for your home isn’t the most eco-friendly option for decor.

From the carbon emissions resulting from importing flowers to the plastic used when purchasing, the floral industry isn’t as sustainable as one may think. That’s why it’s so important to shop intentionally. The best way to do so? Work with your local florist. Here are three questions to ask to ensure eco-friendly blooms.

Can you wrap my flowers in butcher paper rather than plastic?

Make gifting (or self-gifting) greener by asking your florist to skip the plastic cellophane and floral foam. Ask if they can wrap your flowers with butcher paper instead. Don’t worry if they don’t have it on-hand, at least you’ve got them thinking about more sustainable practices for the future.

Where do you source your flowers?

We’re hoping to find florists that are greening their trade. While most florists source flowers from overseas, you can ask your florist if they have any local blooms. This way, you can support your local economy and discourage unwanted carbon emissions.

Do you and your farmers use sustainable growing methods?

Don’t be afraid to ask your florist if they use organic practices… or synthetic pesticides. Again, asking these questions promotes conversations, which can lead to future change. Because flowers aren’t an edible crop, they are free from regulations of pesticide use. Not only are pesticides harmful to us humans, but they’re terrible for biodiversity, too.


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