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There’s always been something about a new season that inspires many of us to Marie Kondo our entire houses.

And while summer cleaning is undoubtedly both a useful and therapeutic way to herald the welcome seasonal shift, we will admit to sometimes feeling like our homes get a bit empty once we’ve completed the overhaul. No need to fret if you don’t exactly have unlimited budgets to work with when it comes to adding a few fresh items to your homes. Luckily, when it comes to sprucing up a space, a few tiny touches can go a long way.

Option 1: Curtain Call

Is there anything more calming than a warm breeze floating through a sheer curtain on the first spring Saturday afternoon of the year? We used to think scenes like those were relegated to Nancy Meyers movies, but that was before we discovered West Elm. Their gorgeous cotton curtain comes in at just under $50; pair it with this resin and pine curtain rod ($49) for a breezy spring tableau that looks at least twice what it costs.

Option 2: Extra Cushion

Spring may bring sunshine-filled days and more time out and about than the cold, gloomy winter months, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice home comforts as soon as the weather warms up. In fact, with all the seasonal socializing you’ll be doing, it’s crucial you make sure your space is as comfortable as possible for the times you finally do get some rest. And while we’re all about comfort, we’ll never sacrifice chic; meaning artful but decorative cushions are always our first recommendation for spicing up a space in a pinch. Our go-to is always The Inside—an interiors resource for customizable products to suit interiors fanatics of any style. Seriously, their throw pillow selection offers over 100 fabric customizations, and they have everything from coveted Scalmandré zebra fabric to a basic but beautiful white linen option. The best part? The pillows start at $55, so you don’t have to feel bad about switching them out based on the seasons. Because nothing says spring like a cherry blossom, try out this timeless and serene jade option.

Option 3: Sheet Switch

One of our favorite things about winter is cozying up under the warmest duvet possible; and our feelings about spring and summer are almost exactly the opposite. In our opinion, nothing creates that airy spring feeling like a linen duvet. While the most popular brands retail for a little more than we’re comfortable spending on a duvet, Quince’s option starts at $129, slightly over budget, but certainly worth it.

Option 4: Scent the Season

We’ve made our love for gorgeous scents apparent on this site, but we’ll never stop singing the praises of the power of a good candle. Nothing sets the tone for a home like a beautiful scent, and there’s a huge difference between the candles we’d burn in the winter months and those we save for spring. Our personal favorite for this season, 11:11 from Lake and Skye smells like fresh laundry and beach days, and is guaranteed to get you excited for the summer days ahead. Close seconds include Jo Malone London’s Red Roses, which was created in homage to the burst of freshly cut roses in the English countryside (it’s what we imagine the first signs of spring would smell like) and Diptyque’s spearmint-scented springtime signature.

Option 5: Feng Shui!

Finally, there’s the option that costs far less than $100… because it’s free. Never underestimate the power of rearranging your space. Entire careers have formed around the power of feng shui in recent years, and there’s a reason the ancient art is having a resurgence. While you don’t need to book a session with a celebrity feng shui + manifestation expert, turning a bed around or switching a chair and a couch can make your entire home feel new. Embrace the season of new beginnings and give a subtle shift a try.


If you make any of these budget-friendly changes to your space this spring, be sure to tag us on social media using #casadesuna.

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