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When it comes to decorating a new space, the bills tend to add up. Fast.

Before you overshoot your budget, it’s always best to make a plan. This way, you can strategically splurge on the spaces that you know you’re going to be spending the most time in – or even start investing in pieces you know you’ll have forever. (Looking at you, art.) And, you can save money on space-specific pieces – like that Ikea desk that fits oh-so-perfectly in a certain nook.

It’s just like having a high-low wardrobe. The goal here is to artfully mix high, low, and everything in between. Think of a luxe Persian rug and an inexpensive sofa (or vice versa).

Since we’ve decorated plenty of spaces of all sizes, we know a thing or two about cutting corners…


A Comfy Sofa

From binge-watching Big Little Lies to snuggling up with a good book, your couch is basically your home within your home. Since couches are often a focal point and a center for gathering, it’s worth splurging on a piece that will elevate your living room.

Dining Room Table

Like a couch, a dining room table is another place for gathering and creating happy memories. You’re going to want to love the way it looks, especially if you entertain a lot. We totally think it’s worth investing in and keeping for years to come. Tables are durable and can even withstand multiple moves.

Luxe Rugs

There are plenty of affordable rugs out there. While they might look okay online, you can usually spot a cheap rug in real life. Without the extra quality control, rugs can pill or shed fast. It’s not easy to replace (and rearrange your entire room), so we recommend doing it right the first time. Added bonus: It will make the rest of the room look more put together.


Window Treatments

Believe it or not, if you have oddly sized windows, you can end up spending a lot on drapes or shades. And, if you’re opting for something more basic or neutral, it’s not worth the investment. Here’s a great time to try a little DIY. You can make your own curtains or even find someone on Etsy to do it for you – for way less than an interior designer.

Gallery Walls

Like clothes, your taste in art tends to change—especially when you’re purchasing vibrant prints to fill a wall. Luckily, there are plenty of places to get great art. We recommend scouring Instagram for artists and seeing if they offer prints, rather than originals only. Framing is also a hidden cost so look for services that make it easier and less expensive. We love Framebridge!


Equally fashionable and functional, mirrors are a great way to make small spaces feel larger. They may be easy on the eyes, but they’re often a burden on your budget. Luckily, Ikea always releases on-trend options in their seasonal lines. Keep an eye out for one you love.


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