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If you’ve been reading Casa de Suna for a while now, you’ll know that we’re full believers in the power of a beautiful scent to upgrade any space and enhance every experience.

And while we’ll always love a beautiful fig scent or a lavender aroma (see: The Breakfast Pantry), there’s also something special about a brand that pushes the envelope. In a market that’s crowded with traditional scent profiles, DS&Durga takes the opposite approach.

Founded by Brooklyn-based husband-and-wife duo David Seth Moltz and Kavi Moltz in 2007, D.S. & Durga flips traditional candle making on its head in favor of crafting scents around “stories.” Both of them had careers in art-adjacent fields prior to this creative endeavor–musician and architect, respectively, for him and her. Both careers are conducive to building and producing beautiful things, so it’s no surprise that D.S. & DURGA was a hit from the start. If you’re a home fragrance fan who loves hearing the words “what is that? It smells good,” read on for our favorite ways to use the D.S. & DURGA scents in every space.

The area: Bathroom

The scent: Big Sur After Rain

The why: Have you ever had a scented shower? No, we’re not talking about putting a candle in the shower, but there’s something to be said for lighting a candle in the bathroom while slathering on your favorite hair mask or treating yourself to a luxurious bath. And there’s no better scent to do it with than Big Sur After Rain – a candle that, no matter where you are, will transport you to America’s stunning Southern California Coastline–no Post Ranch Inn reservations required.

The area: Bedroom

The scent: Concrete After Lightning

The why: There’s something nice about being sequestered inside as a thunderstorm cracks on outside. And, while we also love heading outside to be in the fresh air once a storm has rolled through, we’re not always equipped with rainboots for avoiding puddles or clothes to properly counter the post-thunder humidity. That’s why we love Concrete After Lighting, a scent that mimics the smell of city streets once a thunderstorm has passed through. You might not be able to picture it now, but it’s one of those “if you know, you know” type of scents. Trust us, buy it.

The area: Kitchen

The scent: Breakfast Highlands or Breakfast Leipzig

The why: We get it: there’s not always time to cook. But, if you’re going to be home for a few hours at a time, there is always time to light a candle. And while a “breakfast-scented” candle may not sound ultra-appealing, wait till you hear the scent notes to judge. Inspired by (noted coffee fan) Bach himself, Leipzig boasts notes of almond pastry, coffee, leather armchairs, and burning fireplaces. We can hardly imagine a better weekend morning burn. Almond croissant not included, but it’s highly likely you’ll need one after smelling this.

The area: Living Room, Study, or Library

The scent: Portable Fireplace

The why: Picture this: it’s the middle of winter and all you want is to sit in front of a cozy, crackling fire. For most of us these days, though, a working fireplace is more of a manifesting dream than an apartment reality, so let’s opt for the next best thing. Portable fireplace carries all of the scents – down to the ash – of a roaring fire, no newspaper crumbling or flue cleanup required.

The area: Closet or dresser

The scent: Roadtrip Hits Auto Fragrance Set

The why: For obvious reasons, you don’t want to burn a candle in your closet or dresser. But why not hang a car fragrance, designed to scent smaller spaces, in there for a sensory hit every time you open the door or drawer? This 5-pack features some DS&Durga favorites, so you can also buy it to test out scents if you’re not sure which one to buy.


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