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Here at Casa de Suna, it’s our mission to make entertaining as easy, enjoyable, and beautiful as possible.

And trust us: it’s easier than you think! Now that summer is officially upon us, we’re sharing all of our tips and tricks for setting a summer table that feels both stunning and functional.

Our top tip: let your serveware do the talking.

Don’t overcomplicate it! Less really is more. Here are a few common mistakes–and our Casa de Suna solves:

Common Mistake: Make sure everyone can see each other! That means avoiding extra-large vases or super tall floral arrangements.
Casa de Suna Solve: Bud vases! Dotting our small Aurora bud vases down your table with one stem of a seasonal bloom in each, makes for a simple, tasteful floral mise-en-scene.

Common Mistake: Don’t overpower your guests with too many scents. Strong-smelling candles can interfere with food aromas–and having the scent of your meal wafting through a soiree is the most tantalizing way to ensure everyone is hungry once dinner is served.
Casa de Suna Solve: Unscented candles, of course. That way, you don’t lose out on the candlelight ambiance once night falls, but your guests aren’t dealing with an olfactory overload. Our Floral Society ribbed pillar candles are the most beautiful unscented option we’ve found. Just make sure to protect your table by placing them on their complementary ceramic plates.

Common Mistake: Not letting your serveware sing!
Casa de Suna Solve: It’s safe to say our entire shop is dedicated to solving this very issue. There’s no reason your serveware can’t do double duty as a centerpiece–and that’s why every single piece we stock in the shop is both gorgeous and functional. Here are a few of our favorites and how we love to use them when we entertain in the warmer months:

Il Buco Board: Start your guests off with a snackboard crafting from ancient reclaimed Italian wood. It’s not just a beautiful conversation piece (but, yes, the wood is sourced from centuries-old churches and cathedrals in the Italian countryside): it’s also big enough to hold cheese and snacks for a full group of guests.

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Wave Pitcher: Time to bid those plastic pitchers farewell! This retro Sophie Lou Jacobsen wave pitcher is the perfect combination of elevated and playful. Whether you’re serving iced tea, iced water, or ice-cold pitcher Palomas, you can’t go wrong with a piece like this.

Il Buco Large Splatterware Basin: Nothing says summer like a hearty salad served in a big, beautiful bowl. Pair our splatterware basin from Il Buco with its complementary dinner plates and pasta dishes–they’ll multitask as both sturdy serveware and a dinnertime conversation piece.

There you have it! A summer tablescape where serveware is the centerpiece, scents never overpower, and flowers don’t overwhelm. If you use any of our tablescape tips, tag us on social media using #casadesuna.

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