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If you’re looking for a gift for a friend that loves staying in, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve curated our entire shop with the idea of making home entertaining easy and translating houses into homes. If you’re looking for inspiration in that department, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

For the Kitchen

As dedicated home chefs, we’re obsessed with Evermill’s complete spice collection and the matching rack that makes flavorful cooking a breeze. The set includes 18 spices, from classic single-note spices (all of which are sourced from the highest-quality original ingredients) to their signature blends, every single one makes cooking a delight.

For the Living Room

Give your giftee a daily dose of serenity with this gorgeous and calming Hazel & Pine print. This photograph of the Oregon Coast at sunset is so beautiful, it might even inspire your favorite homebody to book a trip.

For the Bathroom

We work hard on making our homes beautiful, and we’re not about to let an aesthetically displeasing bar of soap or bottle of lotion stop us! Our favorite way to ensure our bathrooms remain elevated at all costs: the Casafina ceramic soap dish and lotion pump, the most beautiful and refined vessel we can think of for our vanity sundries.

For the Bedroom

Morrow Soft Goods makes some of the most sumptuous blankets around, and this natural throw, which is one of their thicker weaves, offers comfort against the cold while remaining versatile enough for every season–and style–of room. It’ll look great no matter what your home design vibe is.

For the Dining Room

Whether you have little kids or are simply a spill-prone adult, Once Milano’s waxed linen placemats make keeping your table clean a stylish treat. Made with durable, stain-resistant waxed linen with an elegant contrast trim, these made-to-order placemats are the gift that keeps on giving. Just be sure to order at least three weeks in advance.

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