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We talk a lot about home decor here at Casa de Suna, but there are a few areas we haven’t touched.

And while it’s easy enough to decorate on your own terms when your budget is unlimited and you’re unconstrained by the differing tastes of a roommate or partner, we felt you owed you some answers to the tougher design questions.

That’s why we were thrilled to tap into iconic Montreal-born interior designer Amanda Nisbet’s expertise and get some answers to your most common decor dilemmas. Without further ado, let’s get into Amanda’s conversation with the CDS team.

Question 01

First, tell us about yourself.

I founded Amanda Nisbet Design in 1998. I’m self-taught, and I’ve always been guided by love for transforming people’s lives by creating a pleasant environment where they feel safe and nurtured.

Question 02

Let’s say someone has a limited budget. What are some little things they can do to make their house feel like a home?

One thing you can always do without ruining your pocketbook is accessorize. I love finding trinkets on my travels, whether that’s a small pillow, a book you love on your coffee table or really anything special that has meaning to you. The difference between a house and a home is often found in whether or not the space feels like a reflection of the person who inhabits it. Always prioritize purchasing things that resonate with you, not following trends or buying things because you think they look good.

Question 03

What advice do you give someone moving in with their partner, or for two people that live together whose tastes lean in different directions?

In every space, it’s important to focus on balancing the masculine and feminine. Be sure to pick some sturdy, comfortable pieces with clean lines in durable materials and then juxtapose them with smaller, more delicate things, like pillowcases, candlesticks or pieces of art.

Question 04

If someone has no idea what their design style is, where do you recommend they start?

Look through magazines, scroll Instagram, and take note of anything that catches your attention visually. Pinpoint what it is you like (we also recommend utilizing the Instagram “save” feature, so you can revisit it and get an idea of the things you like most consistently) and then start small. Let’s say you’re into maximalism. Instead of redecorating your entire home, purchase a funky pillow and see how it feels in your space, then build from there.

Question 05

Are there any design rules you think everyone should live by?

For better or for worse, I’m untethered by the rules! The only piece of advice that universally applies is to go for what you like–don’t try to follow trends (it’s not sustainable when it comes to interiors, anyways). Like I said, your house will only feel like a home if it’s an accurate reflection of who you are.

Question 06

If there’s one thing you’d recommend someone buy to spruce up a rental or dorm room, what would it be?

Big, colorful posters, which you could hang like a gallery wall. Great bang for your buck and an instant burst of happiness.
CDS note: we love Astrid Wilson, Tatiana Alida, and Natalia Bagniewksa!

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