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Styling a coffee table can be well… subjective. And, it takes a lot of little adjustments to get it to look just so.

Then, life happens. Our carefully arranged displays are moved to make room for appetizers, card games, laptops, and even feet. Gasp.

We recently chatted with Sarah Burgess, an interior designer, and owner of The Lovely Locale. She shared a few of her favorite coffee table books and styling tips with us.

Food in Vogue

It’s no secret we love food. But we also love fashion. This book combines the two while looking stylish on any table. And, the content is just as mouthwatering. Food in Vogue collects the most striking food photography and the finest food writing from one of the most respected magazines in the world. As the publisher says, “it’s a book about trends, fashion, and culture, told through the world’s most common language.”

Sarah’s Styling Tip: Try stacking 2-3 books with your hero book on top. This adds dimension and substance to your coffee table and allows you to mix in different sized books.

The 100 Burgundy: Exceptional Wines to Build a Dream Cellar

These earthy tones bring out the best in any coffee table. The book itself is a guide to the region’s best wines and makers, detailing the domains and highlighting each wine with tasting notes. It’s accessible and memorable for both novices and aficionados. Next up? The cellar itself.

Sarah’s Styling Tip: Use the Rule of 3 by grouping books and decor on your coffee table with an odd number of pieces. This will look and feel more visually appealing and balanced. Our brains respond positively to odd number sequences which makes these designs more memorable and natural.

Life in the Studio: Inspiration and Lessons on Creativity

A recent release, Frances Palmer’s debut book is a manual for current and aspiring creatives. She shares our mission of cultivating a life that brings out our best. At times, these efforts are challenging, yet in the end, rewarding. Through it all, Palmer details what matters most: determination, routine, prioritization, perseverance, and perspective. Add this jewel-toned book to your coffee table, and it may just end up as bedside reading.

Sarah’s Styling Tip: For a smaller coffee table, stack two books with a plant or vase adjacent, and a candle, small trinket or beads on top of your books. If your coffee table is larger, you could opt for a grouping of five books by doing two or three stacks of books with decor at varying heights.

Château Monestier La Tour

Our family has French roots, and our grandmother forever treated her home as a château. So this book just belongs on our table. It details how this château dates back to the 13th-century monastery and still stands proudly on a small hill overlooking the historic village of Monestier. The château’s current owner, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, says “We love the tranquility in this place, and when we are here time shows a different dimension. Everything takes a little longer and everything takes the time needed to achieve the qualitative perfection we strive for.”

Sarah’s Styling Tip: I love pairing coffee table books with personal touches like a small bowl with instax or vintage family photos. You can also use small objects that you’ve collected or thrifted over the year. Have fun with it!

Architectural Digest at 100

This historical book is of heirloom quality. Not to mention, it fits in with any style of decor. The book celebrates the best from the pages of Architectural Digest’s rich visual history. From the archives, it even featured photos and writings on a range of topics and figures such as David Bowie, Diana Vreeland, and more.

Sarah’s Styling Tip: Mix books with dust covers and books without creating more texture and design. You can contrast colors or opt for a more monochromatic simplistic look.

We want to know: what beloved books are on your coffee table? Share your styling secrets with us on social media @casadesuna.

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