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Home decor, once a pursuit reserved only for those with either lots of free time or the means to hire a decorator, has been democratized in recent years – and we’re all for it.

Now, it’s easier than ever to decorate a beautiful home at any budget. Plus, thanks to countless innovative companies, delivery and assembly have never been easier.

With that said, there’s a pitfall that comes with the endless array of possibilities: quality control. Many things that look gorgeous online simply don’t present the same way in person. That’s why we’ve curated a list of things to look out for when you’re shopping so you can ensure what you’re getting is the highest quality possible.

Measure, measure, measure!

Have you ever excitedly received the keys to a new apartment or home, only to discover come move-in day that your couch doesn’t fit through the doorway? It happens! And there’s an easy solution – when you’re looking at apartments and homes, keep a tape measure in your bag and always make sure you measure both the space you want your furniture to go in and the doorway.

This also goes for the little trinkets you buy. Have you ever purchased a pitcher for water, only to find out that it was a tiny creamer jug? No judgment–but always, always check the dimensions of what you’re purchasing before you purchase.

Materials matter

First, adapt for your lifestyle
Whether you’re shopping for a blanket or dinnerware, making yourself aware of the materials is one of our most important quality assurance tips.

First, make sure you’re buying products that are right for your lifestyle.

Do you have kids? You might want to opt for dinnerware made of virtually unbreakable melamine while they’re young instead of serving them dinner on your favorite ceramic plate.

Married to someone with allergies? Make sure your duvet is made of hypoallergenic down.

Next, focus on quality
Another classic (and disappointing) scenario: you order a set of towels or sheets that looks fabulous online and feels–well, not great–IRL. That’s an easy fix: know your materials, thread counts, and ply. Towels should generally be composed primarily of cotton for the softest touch–Hawkins’ Portuguese cotton towels (and bathrobe) are the perfect option for anyone looking to treat themselves.

When it comes to sheets, it’s all about deciding how you want them to look and feel. Sateen is very soft, almost silky to the touch and percale is soft but slightly less silky. Linen feels a bit rougher but is aesthetically stunning and can help keep hot sleepers cool at night. It’s always best to visit a store and see and feel the fabrics in person if you can.

Finally, remember that there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to shopping for the “right” home decor. If it makes you feel good and you think it’ll make your home happier, go for it!


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