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We can all agree: flower boxes add an air of style and happiness to every home.

With just a few fresh flowers, you can elevate the entire exterior. But, it can be hard to keep our proudly planted boxes in bloom. After years of watching our mom, Andy, carefully tend to her creatively designed flower boxes, we decided it’s time to share those secrets with all of you.

While it’s tempting to run to the nearest nursery and purchase any flowers that strike your fancy, you should actually do a little research before. (Trust us, this will help keep your plants healthy all season long.)

Consider the Environment

Typically, your local farmer’s market or nursery will only sell plants that can thrive in your local environment. But, you also have to consider the placement of your flower box. If your window boxes are covered by trees or a deck, consider searching for some shade-friendly plants (hint: foxglove, bellflowers, bee balm, and more). But, if your flower boxes are in direct sun, you should find flowers that can handle the heat (hint, hint: petunia, salvia, moss rose, and more).

Get Creative

We love making multi-purpose solutions, so we’re always a big fan of window boxes that have more than just flowers. You can easily add vining cherry tomatoes, herbs, and mini pepper plants to your window box for a mini garden that gives back. Then, add a few marigolds to round out the arrangement.

You can also stand out in a crowded row of apartments by getting creative with the types of flowers you choose. Consider experimenting with trailing flowers or even adding roses, tulips, or hydrangeas which typically aren’t found in window boxes.

Maintain Your Flower Boxes

Once you plant your fresh blooms, you have to remember to take care of them. Just like any living thing, they need a little (or even a lot) of TLC. Do some research on the flowers you choose so you know how often to water them. But, no matter what the plant, be sure to find soil that offers good drainage. You can also opt for self-watering planters if you’re afraid you may forget to give them their daily or weekly drink. Then, you can check in every other week or so to add fertilizer and remove yellow or dead foliage as needed.


We’d love to see your seasonal creations. Share your flower boxes with us on social media @casadesuna.

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