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Over the past year or so, we completely traded in our high-end gym for some good-old home workouts. (We didn’t really have a choice…)

But it’s safe to say, we love scheduling a quick workout right in our own space. It’s convenient, more affordable, and a judgment-free zone for all our favorite exercises (yes, dance cardio is on the list).

The only drawback? Suddenly our small spaces were cluttered with equipment that didn’t really fit our overall aesthetic. So, here are a few home gym hacks that don’t mess with your decor.

Start Small

There are plenty of workouts for total-body toning that you can do without taking over your entire space. Start with a plush yoga mat (especially if you’re working out on hardwood floors) and a subscription to your favorite streaming service. We love Sculpt Society, Obè, Pilates Noir, Melissa Wood Health, and the Peloton App. Choose the bodyweight classes and see what you like best before investing in excess equipment.

Pro Tip: Opt for a mat that doesn’t clash with the colors of your room and store it in a corner or closet when you’re done with your sweat sesh.

Add Accessories

Once you find a few workouts that work for you, you can invest in the equipment they use most. For pilates and sculpt, we love Bala bands to add an extra bit of resistance. (Plus, they double as an Instagram-worthy accessory.) We also added in a couple resistance bands. They take up almost no space but pack serious power onto any glute, leg, or arm workout.

Pro Tip: Stash your weights and bands in a chic basket or ottomon when you’re done working out for the day.

Make Space for One Machine

If you’re considering doing more cardio from the comfort of your home, you may want to invest in a machine. Even the stationary bikes and rowing machines can fit in most Manhattan apartments. When adding extra equipment into your space, consider the placement. Ideally, you’ll want to tuck it in a corner so it doesn’t clash with your interiors. And we also recommend finding space near a window. The natural light helps power any workout.

Pro Tip: Look into the Mirror by Lululemon for a “nearly invisible gym at home” experience.


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