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By now you know, we love an organized kitchen.

From the pantry to our meal prepping, we believe being organized is the best way to make cooking feel fun (and not at all like a chore). Yet, we often see even the most spacious kitchens struggling with the same thing: cluttered countertops.

From the endless appliances to our beloved decor, there’s just never enough space to have it all out. Here’s how to declutter those countertops and add creative touches that work for you.

Do an audit

It’s just like cleaning out that closet. Start by setting aside the appliances, tools, and decor that you don’t use on a regular basis. (Those cookbooks may look pretty, but how often do you really break them out?) Your counters should stay clear for essentials.

Add functional decor

Prioritize decor that doubles as storage. We love unique canisters that can also hold coffee or flour. Or, beautiful salt cellars for easy access.

Get creative

Instead of taking up precious counter space with a bulky knife block, try hanging your knives from a magnetic strip instead. Or, hang paper towels under cabinets.

Keep it together

If you still feel like you have a lot of things on the counter, add trays or stands to corral items together. Try to place similar items together for convenience and aesthetics. Creating small vignettes on your countertop turns clutter into an eye-catching display.

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