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Brand Spotlight: The Breakfast Pantry

We’ve all heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

And Toronto-based Jordan Kruger and her team at The Breakfast Pantry are firm subscribers to this adage. They believe the way you take your breakfast sets you up for success throughout the rest of the day, and their goal as a brand is to create products that make starting your day on the right foot as seamless as possible.

Kruger started The Breakfast Pantry for people like her: plant-based and health-conscious, her company came to be when she was studying Food Media at Centennial College in 2019. What began as a school project quickly blossomed into a booming business, and now it’s hard for us to imagine a day that doesn’t start by breaking out some of our TBP staples. Their glass jars are more than just a go-to for organizing the perfect pantry; they’re products you can feel good about. Each glass canister is hand-blown from high-quality Borosilicate glass, and each lid is crafted from Acacia wood and finished with a silicone ring. Every product is BPA-free and food-grade certified and safe for whatever you choose to store. We also adore their deliciously-scented candles, which serve a sustainable function as jars in their own right once the burn is complete.

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