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Brand Spotlight: Revol

When we say Revol is a heritage brand, we mean it: it was in 1768 that two scions of French pottery, Pierre Revol and Magdalene Carrier, married and began manufacturing ceramics using what is now referred to as REVOL clay.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that the workshop became a full-on factory, when Louis Gustave Revol reformed REVOL’s manufacturing process to increase efficiency.

By 1980, REVOL was in its eighth generation of family ownership, and production focus switched entirely to porcelain.

Now being run by the family’s ninth generation (how’s that for a heritage brand?) craftsmanship remains at the center of everything REVOL does. But it’s more than just beautifully-produced porcelain: their pieces–especially one of our personal favorites, the crumple cappuccino cup–have a unique, whimsical edge.

Using a piece from REVOL elevates your day. Beyond the aesthetics, there’s even more to feel good about: REVOL pieces are made in a factory with the environment in mind: from the low-consumption kiln to the recycling of mineral waste and industrial waste-water to the 90% recyclable packaging, REVOL is made with conscious consumers in mind. And it doesn’t hurt that nonporous ceramic, the material that all of REVOL’s inventory is made from, is considered one of the best materials for safe, nontoxic cooking.

From the first sip of your morning cappuccino from a crumple cup or cook a feast in your caractere, REVOL supports you stylishly and safely throughout your entire day.

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