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Brand Spotlight: Evermill

For years, Mark Gudaitis and his wife Tess, who loved cooking, struggled with spices.

Due to a notable lack of spice system organization, they’d often find themselves purchasing spices they’d already owned for recipes and losing ones they already had at the precise moments they seemed to need them

Gudaitis, who had memories of his mother’s spice drawer being equally disorganized, began conducting field research at friend’s houses, asking to see their spice drawers to discover whether anyone had a good system in place. No one did. It was then that Gudaitis reached out to colleague Luke White to create the solution. Three years of development, sustainability and design research later, Mark and Luke launched Evermill. 

The brand launched in 2020 with spice racks–including the in-drawer, a modular system designed to fit inside a drawer for those dealing with smaller spaces–and streamlined spice containers. All of their spices are sustainably sourced and come with refills (which you can text to activate). And they’re more than just a beautiful, streamlined space for your spices; Evermill is currently working to secure a patent for their “self-aligning jar technology, which uses the weight of the jars and an interlocking teardrop design to automatically align all of the wells, ensuring the labels are perfectly centered.”

How’s that for an organized spice drawer? Thankfully for all of us, Guidaitis’ dreams have come true. 

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