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Brand Spotlight: Casafina

Casafina founder Donna Cacciatore Smith was just twelve when she took her first trip to Italy, traveling to the country from America on the now-defunct PanAm airline.

Her mother, who had a number of cousins in Rome, introduced her not just to their way, but their way of life; and the emphasis placed on lively but leisurely dinners made a lasting impression.

It was on that trip that Smith identified the three values that would carry both through life and the founding of her brand: food, family, and friends.

When Smith returned home, she developed a newfound appreciation for dinners prepared by her Italian grandmother. “The magic moment of every day was finishing my homework and racing down the stairs to see the vibrant dishes my grandma had made for us. For me, the beauty, love, and aromas were all wrapped up in that moment,” Smith writes in Casafina’s mission statement.

Though the brand is inspired by the Italian way of life, it was not Italy, but Portugal, where Smith met the artisans that would form the bedrock of her brand.

Every Casafina piece is made from fine stoneware that looks beautiful and timeless while being durable and high-quality. And it’s not just beautiful ceramics where Casafina’s artisans excel: their linen collections–from oven mitts to aprons–are a Casa de Suna favorite when it comes to outfitting yourself for the kitchen.

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