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If you’re like us, it’s likely you can’t resist the allure of a beautiful marble countertop.

Calacatta, carrara, emperador; we can’t even decide on a favorite. What we all can agree on, though, is that nothing induces dread much like having a friend over for drinks, only to realize their wine glass has been sitting, coaster-less, on your new countertops for an hour, and that you’re guaranteed to have a ring stain on your hands.

Traditionally one of the peskiest surfaces to clean, we’ve done a deep dive into all of the ways you can rid your counters, tables, and floors of the marble stains we’ve all come to dread, but still can’t quite figure out how to avoid.

Level One: Minimal, Immediate Stain Relief

The first rule of cleaning marble is, if possible, to address it quickly. If you spill on marble, blot it right away. Sure, it sounds obvious, but because of how delicate the material can be, people often panic – unsure what will and won’t “work” on the stain. So, once you spill, start with the most basic of moves: dabbing the stained spot with a wet paper towel, moving in circular motions. Once you’ve sufficiently dabbed the stain, grab a cleaning agent: we love this one, from non-toxic, eco-friendly brand Blueland, dilute with water, and “wash” the entire marble surface with the mixture.

Level Two: Naturally Remove Trickier Stains

If this doesn’t work – which it might not, possibly because your stain is old, or possibly just because marble is tricky, fear not. We discovered our next stain removal tip from this site one day when searching for vintage sinks. If you’re averse to the more chemical poultices and hydrogen peroxide typically used to treat, this process will be your new go-to. Simply mix baking soda and water into a thick paste, spread on top of your stained surface, and cover with a plastic wrap to retain the moisture. Leave for 12-24 hours and behold the results.

Level Three: The Serious Stains

For those not opposed to the more “heavy duty stuff,” the most powerful way to remove marble stains is a poultice. We love this combo from Miracle, which you mix with distilled water to remove deep set stains from marble and other natural stone materials. As with the above natural solution, cover with a plastic wrap, let sit for six to eight hours, and unveil for the magic: marble as good as new.


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