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Stocking up on all the kitchen essentials is no cheap feat.

Truly, it takes years (and maybe even a registry) to have all of the quality pots and pans on your wishlist. And then there are the on-trend gadgets: soda streams, air-fryers, instant pots. Where does it end?

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So, we’re always down to splurge on those forever items from the brands and know and love. But, is it really worth it? Thankfully, our mother and co-founder, Andy, is the queen of spotting deals or knowing just when to splurge.

Splurge: Stainless steel pots and pans

These are forever purchases. (In our case, they could double as family heirlooms). Invest in a large stockpot for making soups or feeding a crowd—and also splurge on a small saucepan for making the everyday essentials: rice, pasta, sauces. Stainless steel may be more expensive than aluminum, but it’s also a more effective heat conductor and the material is non-reactive. Meaning? Acidic foods won’t react with it.

Save: Small Tools

Small tools like vegetable peelers, spatulas, and can openers can add up. Fast. There’s no need to buy them at full price because even the household brand names can be found on sale at your local stores like HomeGoods.

Splurge: Chef’s Knife

Make slicing, dicing, and chopping easier—and more enjoyable–with a quality sharp knife. If you’re not ready to invest in the full set just yet, start with the essential 8-inch knife and add to your set over time.

Save: Mixing Bowls and Colander

Shop around to find your everyday mixing bowls on sale. Retailers like Williams Sonoma and Crate Barrel often offer discounts. (Score!) While it can be easy to be tempted to buy the most beautiful bowls, you really only need them for functionality. Instead, splurge on the bowls that will be on display, like a fruit bowl.

Splurge: Coffee Machine

You can either spend $5+ on Starbucks or invest in a coffee maker you actually like. (We learned the hard way.) There’s plenty of options out there that don’t water down your beloved artisanal coffee beans. If a warm mug is part of your morning (and essential to your good mood), it’s worth the splurge.

Save: Wine Glasses & Mugs

Sadly, our most favorite beverage holders often break. Or chip. Or fill up our cabinets only to be boxed up. Save here and splurge on a nice bottle of wine instead. We won’t tell.


We want to know: What kitchen splurges were worth every penny? Share with us on social media @casadesuna.

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