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Game night has been a staple in our house for… well, ever.

It’s such a fun way to extend leisurely dinners or to just bring people together. Plus, everyone loves an opportunity to get a little competitive. (We know we do!)

Although we’re always down for a strategic game of Catan, we’ve learned to keep the games simple when entertaining a crowd. So, we rounded up a few of our favorites.


The New York Times dubbed this “the perfect party game.” And, yes, we fully agree. The rules are simple, you just have to get your friends to guess the name on the card.

Why we love it: This game just incites silliness. You’ll be guaranteed to have a lot of laughs.


If you love a good fast-thinking game, this one’s for you. Everyone competes against each other to fill out their category card before the timer runs out.

Why we love it: The timer keeps the game moving and it’s always a good laugh to see what people come up with.

The Hygge Game

Hosting a girls’ night in? Pour the red wine and break out these conversation-sparking cards. It’s a low-pressure game for a low-key night.

Why we love it: You’ll learn something new about even your closest friends.


You can’t go wrong with a little Left, Right, Center. This game is easy to play in a group (with little-to-no explanation needed). You can even up the ante by using dollars or scratch tickets instead of the provided chips.

Why we love it: You can keep the conversation going without taking away from the game.

Cards Against Humanity

You didn’t think we’d forget this one, did you? It’s one of the OG games that can get a little R-rated. (Pro tip: avoid bringing to family dinner.) The rules are simple with a fill-in-the-blank format, and the funniest card wins.

Why we love it: So. Many. Laughs. And, if you’ve played before, you can buy extended boxes to add to your deck.


What are your favorite games for easy entertaining? Share with us on social media @casadesuna.

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