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Drinking has gotten the best of all of us.

The started-too-early excitement. The last-call cocktail. The poorly made mixed drink. Yep, we’ve been there. While we all know the best way to prevent a dreaded hangover is to drink in moderation. But, we’re not here to lecture if you’re already past the point of prevention. This read is all about what to do when (oops!) you’ve overindulged. Hey, it is the holidays after all…

Coconut Water

You may already have this in your fridge. If not, stock up in case of emergencies. We all know that alcohol dehydrates your body, which in turn, causes headaches and hangovers. Coconut water contains the five electrolytes found in human blood. Plus, it’s low in sugar. It’s like the #adulting version of a sports drink without the neon colors and ingredients you can’t pronounce.


Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps break down the alcohol in your body – making this a no-brainer for next-day cures. It’s also good for your brain and nervous system. We love Bluebonnets Stress B Complex because it also has added Vitamin C, which helps your body absorb Vitamin B, while protecting your immune system. If you’re someone who gets run down and sick easily, this supplement is essential.

Hot-to-Cold Showering

You may have heard of hydrotherapy. It’s a buzzy wellness trend that’s being touted for its ability to soothe sore joints. But it’s also known to improve elimination, decrease inflammation, and stimulate circulation. You don’t need an expensive wellness spa to reap the benefits. Simply alternate your shower temperature between hot and cold for 30 seconds at a time. Then, snuggle up in your favorite robe and head back to the couch.



If you’re the type that gets nauseous after drinking, you should definitely keep ginger nearby. (Because there’s nothing – nothing – worse than getting sick the next day.) You can have ginger by sipping on a ginger tea that helps aid digestion while soothing your stomach. Or, you can take a ginger tablet. We also love New Chapter’s Ginger Force Cardio & Intestinal Health supplement, and Hilma’s Upset Stomach Relief, which has ginger root as an active ingredient.


We want to know: What are some of your favorite all-natural hangover cures? Share with us on Instagram @casadesuna.

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