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Brand Spotlight: Hawkins New York

When we realized there wasn’t an entertaining-focused resource online that shared the type of valuable and accessible information we were after, we decided to create it.

Like Casa de Suna, Hawkins’ origin story started with a gap in the market–for high-quality, small-scale home goods that didn’t break the bank–and, from the creative hub of Hudson, NY, Paul Denolly and Nick Blaine decided to fill it.

Hawkins was founded nearly a decade ago, in 2013, and, since it’s inception, it has been often imitated, but never duplicated.

Hawkins New York’s mission is simple but powerful: “design quality, timeless products that enhance the physical environments in which our customers live and work, with a focus on conscientious production and playful, utilitarian forms.”

You can see the through-line of their ethos “design trends are bad, design principles are good” in everything they create. From their gorgeous and sleek oil carafes to their colored glassware, their pieces are intentional–with considered design that places an equal emphasis on beauty and function.

Even the smallest piece from Hawkins brings a sophisticated upgrade to any space, whether you’re opting for an organically shaped cutting board or a pale pink candle taper.

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