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Brand Spotlight: Morrow Soft Goods

What do you get when a trained architect and fashion designer team up to start a textiles brand?

Fabulously considered, carefully crafted products by way of Morrow Soft Goods, which Michelle Toney and Stephanie Cleary and their husbands launched in October 2016.

The two women were resistant to the trend of perfectly curated interiors that felt hard to relax in, and made it their mission to create a brand of home textile products that were both easy and chic.

With a color palette inspired by the California wilderness, and production methods that prioritize natural materials, they can rest assured that their easy-chic goal has been realized.

Morrow Soft Goods are more than just their sumptuous earth-toned blankets and soft-to-the-touch pillows, though; they’re an organization with a purpose. Morrow only works with factories that pay their employees fair wages and favors slow sustainability over mass production when it comes to their supply chain.

The name, “morrow,” was partially inspired by the old English for “tomorrow,” which Cleary and Toney connect to the idea of “looking forward to the next day.” And if you treat yourself to one of their luxe throws (why not go for the extra large?), we guarantee you’ll understand what they mean.

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